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It’s one world – stop child slavery

‘It’s One World – stop child slavery’ - What’s it all about?

Here at VIVANI, we are saying “NO” to all forms of child labour. We are putting this message across on our products, with our ‘It’s One World – stop child slavery’ seal.

To avoid any confusion, let us explain: it is a seal that was specially developed by VIVANI in 2011. It is not subject to an official screening criteria, and as a result, it is not comparable with official seals such as the Fair Trade or ‘BIO’ seals. It is not awarded by an external testing authority, but is being used specially by VIVANI in conjunction with our ‘KIDS for KIDS’ campaign.
‘It’s One World’ alludes to the ancient Christian ideal of peace and goodwill, of total respect and cooperation between all men, a concept which was developed further in the1960s.

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The seal aims to encourage consumers to focus on the problem of child labour and to call into question the products they are buying. By purchasing high-quality organic chocolate, they not only get a premium taste, but also the feeling that they have done something good. We want to use the seal as a way of conveying, at the customer’s first glance, this sense of responsibility towards the environment and all men.

At VIVANI, we ourselves eliminate child labour through specific cocoa procurement methods and by maintaining a close relationship with the farmers at the cocoa source. The respectability of our procedures is validated by numerous independent NGOs.
In addition, we are involved in several prevention projects in Haiti, where child slavery is at it’s most prevalent in the whole of South America. Since 2012, VIVANI has been supporting the work of ‘Kindernothilfe Deutschland’ (a German charity which is one of Europe’s largest Christian organizations for children’s aid). They work to protect the children known as the Restavec children (Haiti’s poorest children, who are sent to work as slaves). We also support the work of Ayitimoun Yo, a small NGO in the southeast of Haiti, which is building a Restavec orphan village. Find out more about the VIVANI ‘Kids for Kids’ aid project.