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Art and chocolate

Gallery: The original overview of all the chocolate bar packaging designs by our artist Annette Wessel. In high resolution and available to download.

Cappuccino Caramel Crème Cassis Chili Dark Ecuador
Milk Ecuador Smooth dark 85 % Milk almond Dark Cranberry Rice Choc
Dark Nougat Milk hazelnut Fine dark orange Peppermint Praliné
Milk chocolate Fine dark 71 % White Strawberry Yoghurt White crisp White Mango Cocos
White Vanilla Marzipan Amaretto Dark Hazelnuts Dark Almonds Whole Haselnuts
Creamy milk 37% Cacao Dark Milk 50% Cacao Dark 75% Dark 92% Dark 99%

Art available to download.

Please click on the images to enlarge them. To download, right click and select (depending on your browser) „Save linked file“ or „Save image“ (in the enlarged view). The images appear in high resolution and can be used privately, for example as desktop backgrounds, for T-shirts or for calendars (ideally in the form of details). In the enlarged view you can use your cursor keys or click on the arrows at the bottom to navigate between the images.

Atelier Wessel

And this is where our artist’s beautiful designs are created: „Annette Wessel in her workshop.“