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Product range

Discover the miraculous multifarious range of VIVANI chocolates!

Standard bars

The smoothest chocolate bars in the most tempting flavours: From sweet and creamy via crisp, crunchy and refreshing to distinctive dark black pleasures.

milk chocolate

Chocolate coatings

White – Milk – Dark Cooking Chocolate: For cakes and cookies, for chocolate truffles and delightful desserts - from the finest ingredients. Chocolate coatings:

chocolate coatings

Smaller bars and mini versions

Melt-in-the-mouth chocolates, an ideal snack during a well-deserved break. For that extra moment of pleasure in tempting variations.
Smaller bars and minis

smaller bars and mini versions

Gift boxes

A chocolate box decorated with a wonderful motif by Annette Wessel and filled with twelve mini-choc bars (Dark and milk chocolate)
Gift boxes

gift box

Crisp and crunchy

Crunchy chocolate nuggets. Crisp and crunchy ingredients wrapped in the finest chocolate. An additional gratification at any time of the day! Or night!

Crunchy chocolate nuggets

Drinking chocolate

Chocolate drinking pleasure for hot and cold milk.
Drinking chocolate

Drinking chocolate

Chocolate cream

A very nutty, pleasantly sweet creamy chocolate spread - much loved by children of all ages!
Chocolate cream

chocolate cream