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Enjoy life with chocolate.

Enjoying chocolate can be a “wickedly delicious” experience! The experience of that moment has positive health benefits too!
Prophylaxis and vascular protection – the results of the latest scientific research verify:

Dark chocolate is healthy!

Cacao contains a great variety of bio-active substances that are valuable for the body


CATECHINS protect the heart.

Catechins belong to the flavonoid family – a group of biological pigments. They have strong antioxidant capabilities, which have more of an effect than Vitamin C and E. Catechins may help to protect against heart disease and cancer.
Catechins effectively catch free radicals and prevent deposits in the blood vessel walls*, regulate the blood pressure**, and stimulate the immune system.
The positive medicinal effects of Catechins are also found in green tea and red wine.

PHENYLETHYLAMIN has a stimulating euphoric effect, a mood enhancer.

VITAMIN E is an antioxidant. It protects the body´ s cells against free radicals.
Copper is a trace element and acts as a catalyst in the formation of hemoglobin.

ENDORPHINS make us happy. These so called "hormones of happiness" are released when eating chocolate. They stimulate the natural opiates in our bodies, resulting in a feeling of calmness and a positive mood.

TANNINS protect against tooth decay. They prevent cavities. Oxalic acid decreases the production of acid in the saliva which has a similar effect.

Chocolate a miracle cure!

The greater the content of cacao found in chocolate, the less sugar is used! More cocoa equates to increased health benefits.
Our Vivani bar "Dark with 92 % cocoa" contains 8 % sugar only.

In collaboration with the Technical University of Braunschweig/ Germany we have analysed the antioxidant activity of different lots of our dark chocolates.
All of the 12 samples delivered a relatively high amount of flavanols.
The highest content of antioxidant activity has have been quantified in our „Superior Dark with Cranberries“: 25,5 mg/g.
This means 2550 mg per 100 g bar.

In comparison:
1 piece of Cranberry Chocolate (12 g) has got the same antioxidant activity as
1 glass of red wine (140 ml) in average.

The relative antioxidant activity stands for a high amount of bio-active substances. Those are able to regulate blood and immune system and to catch free radicals.

Can there be any more important reasons for enjoying chocolate